APM Challenge: Managing Complex Web Applications
by October 3, 2013

Filed under: Industry Insights

I recently had the chance to participate in “The APM Challenge“–a discussion on the present and future of managing the performance of complex applications.  Patrick Lightbody of New Relic and I had a great discussion, moderated by Robin Layland of Network World.  In addition to it being an enjoyable chat, it turned into a paper comparing/contrasting our approaches as well as a pair of recorded webcasts.  Check them out here!

We covered quite a bit of territory.  My favorite bits are around the value proposition of synthetic monitoring; AppNeta’s ongoing work in these areas plus Patrick’s background in browser automation made this a good segment.

A little bit of the other stuff we talked about:

  • Polyglot environments
  • Alerting sweet spots
  • Full-stack tracing and structured performance data
  • RUM for single-page apps

Want to learn more about AppNeta’s full stack approach to Application Performance Management compared  to others in the industry?  Visit the APM Challenge website for more information.