CEO Notes…AppNeta is All-in for the Patriots
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Boston is a great sports town.

We’ve had Stanley Cups, World Series and too many playoffs to count! And today, it is a great time to be a Patriots Fan, and a great time to be at AppNeta!

AppNeta Patriots

As the Pats have fought their way to the top,  AppNeta is  rocking our way into another great quarter of customer success with our new Cloud-based performance management service, PathView Cloud.  Our mission is simple: assuring exceptional application delivery, over any network, from any location.  Sounds simple enough,  but successful delivery of today’s applications is just about as complex as predicting the winner of the Super Bowl this year. In fact, the analogy is stronger than you might think…

If you are running a Vegas casino, there are many variables  you might consider, study, and use to predict the outcome including stats on every position player, offense, defense, special teams, and the history of key players.  Math and science can provide powerful insight.  If you are an average Joe betting on the office pool, you bet on  your home team, or your favorite quarterback, and of course, hope.

Hope is not a strategy.

Now let’s consider application delivery over complex networks. PathView enables our customers to clearly understand key variables such as available and utilized bandwidth, latency, loss and jitter across your application delivery environment as well as actual application performance over the service delivery path. Without that level of detailed insight,well, there is always hope.

Hope is not a strategy.

Patriots LogoHere at AppNeta, we are going all in for the Patriots as they take the field in Indianapolis next week.  Team AppNeta is going to be showing their colors all week, inside and outside of the company. We will all be wearing our Patriots jerseys this week, accelerating activity internally in the spirit of the game, and we have a special contest for our customers and friends!

Predict the final score of the game and win a full year of FREE PathView Cloud including path-based SLA verification, in depth netflow/traffic analysis, 100% packet capture capabilities and active application performance monitoring (at a value of $8,900!!).

Tune in and keep your eye on AppNeta as we cheer on the team!

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