Airbnb: Work From Anywhere driving long-term, remote rentals
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While Airbnb was initially built around facilitating time away from work, the pandemic has turned our sense of vacation on its head, with many folks taking advantage of their newfound work-from-anywhere schedules to do just that.

Almost a quarter of all bookings from January through March of 2021 on Airbnb were for 28-plus day stays, according to a recent report from the company, while nearly one in five Airbnb Home guests used the service explicitly to travel and work during 2020.

On its face, this trend indicates that many users are gaining more flexibility to forego the office in exchange for a remote accommodation. The report also found that many users are leveraging Airbnb rentals to test out potential relocations in new markets, something that Airbnb is promoting to help people “try before they buy” ahead of making huge financial investments into competitive real estate markets.

Whether that’s to plan for a potential career change or to test compatibility with a new city and your current remote job, it’s a major departure from the office-based way of thinking that had been the enterprise default for a generation.

Of consumers polled by Airbnb, 47 percent of Americans report interest in trying out a new city before buying a home there, including 50 percent of Californians, who have been reportedly fleeing traditional Bay Area hubs for more affordable tech centers away from Silicon Valley.

In total, 74 percent of those surveyed across five countries expressed interest in living someplace other than where their employer is based once pandemic restrictions have lifted.

Location, location, location… and Internet

However, there are a lot more considerations that go into living a fully remote lifestyle than securing real estate. Along with having an employer that allows a flexible work schedule, remote workers also need to ensure they have access to all the infrastructure (ie. Internet) they need to actually log onto the job.

Increasingly, while employers across even the most traditionally office-based fields are more open to working remotely today than in the past, many in developer, engineer, or tech-heavy roles must be able to ensure they have constant, consistent network access to even qualify for the job.

The trouble here is that many rural areas continue to lag significantly in laying the groundwork for high-capacity broadband that would deliver sufficient Internet speeds out to rural locations. Fortunately, increasing access to highspeed broadband is a centerpiece of the proposed Infrastructure Bill put forth this year by the Biden Administration, which earmarks roughly $100 billion toward the cause.

This comes as AppNeta’s 2021 Work From Anywhere Outlook highlights just how many knowledge workers are located outside of the traditional carrier-rich urban settings where broadband connections are most prevalent. Since March of 2020, 21 percent of respondents relocated from their original address, with the American workforce now nearly evenly dispersed among urban areas, suburban areas, and rural areas.

This broader trend of urban decentralization creates new challenges for already strapped IT teams, as delivering optimal internet connectivity to residential and rural communities requires employers and IT teams to set user expectations around the quality of their network performance.

When dealing with nomadic workers, it becomes even more critical that companies have set and are enforcing strict network access standards and protocols, as well as consistently leveraging tools that grant IT teams necessary visibility into end-user experience from any location.

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