Accenture: 5 trends accelerating digital transformation in 2021
by Paul Davenport Paul Davenport on

According to the Accenture Technology Vision 2021 report, leading enterprises are squeezing almost a decade of digital transformation into one- or two-year projects today, with success hinging on a strong network architecture to deliver.

All of this comes as enterprises are forced to fundamentally rethink their businesses around a strong digital foundation, with companies that embrace digital transformation today growing their revenues at a 5x faster clip than businesses dragging their feet on transformation.

Perhaps the biggest takeaways from the report is that businesses can’t afford to wait around and let competitors define “the new normal.” Instead, enterprises require leaders that can define and build a successful path to the future that arms them with an agile, digital-first mindset: 91 percent of executives agree that capturing tomorrow’s market will require their organization to define it.

The report zeroed in on 5 key trends that enterprises will need to be tuned into if they are going to come out the other side of this major inflection point for the business world successfully.

  1. Everything hinges on a strong network architecture: While the enterprise IT tech stack has always been important, today it’s more critical than ever. Whether or not the tools and strategies network operations teams leverage to connect business units and customers can scale and respond will make or break the long-term prospects of many companies.

    There’s a lot of opportunity here, as businesses in nearly every sector had to change course to adapt to a Work From Anywhere (WFA) reality at the start of the pandemic, and are currently optimizing strategies that will make these new workflows succeed in the long run. But enterprises that haven’t begun this network optimization are increasingly seeing the window close on maintaining their competitiveness in a digital-first world, as early adopters of WFA solutions (ie. remote network performance monitoring) are starting to see their digital transformations pay off.

  2. Big Data keeps getting bigger: Companies are going to continue investing in data, artificial intelligence (AI), and “digital twin” technologies to help firm up the efficacy of digital spaces where much of their business takes place today. This is opening the door for tons of new opportunities for enterprise leaders to reimagine operations and to innovate how they interact with customers from the top down.
  3. Technology continues democratizing: The barrier to entry for new enterprise solutions is lower than ever as the average user has become better versed in working primarily in a digital-first enterprise over the past year. As a result, teams are less reliant on IT to inform them on what the best solutions may be to get the job done, and innovation (in terms of what’s employed on the tech stack) may arise in surprising areas.
  4. WFA dictates new BYOE strategies: Bring Your Own Environment (BYOE) is the next evolution of Bring Your Own Device (BYOND) strategies, as companies are now focused on the when and where users do work in a post-pandemic world, and whether or not the strategies specific roles employ work (and how secure these scenarios are for the larger business.
  5. Multi-party systems on the rise: There’s a greater demand than ever for interoperability and “frictionless transactions,” pushing businesses to become more comfortable with partnering (especially via the cloud) to unlock new ways to approach the market while ensuring greater business resilience and adaptability.

All of this hinges on enterprises being able to ensure that no matter how far flung their network gets stretched (whether by remote workers or digital customers), they can gain greater visibility into the digital environments supporting and delivering critical business traffic.


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