7 Reasons AppNeta Is the Best Solution for Application and Network Monitoring
by Damian Roskill on

Here’s a bold statement: AppNeta is simply the best solution for monitoring modern web applications and the networks that deliver them. The simple truth is that traditional monitoring tools aren’t designed to provide visibility into applications delivered via the WAN, whether they are internal or third-party SaaS apps. But AppNeta was designed from the ground up to solve this vexing problem.

Of course, we’re biased, but after hearing from users and from Gartner, we present to you the 7 major reasons why AppNeta is best for solving your application and network monitoring problems.

1. Definitive.  Solving user problems and closing help desk tickets is tough if you don’t have visibility. And visibility is hard to get when you’re using web applications, because you don’t own the infrastructure or the network that delivers it, yet you’re still responsible for the end-user experience. You’re the one getting the calls when things aren’t working. With AppNeta, unlike traditional monitoring tools, you get that visibility into all networks and apps, so you can get to definitive answers and solve problems faster than you ever thought.

2. Complete. AppNeta is the only solution for monitoring web and SaaS applications on the market that combines the visibility you get from traditional tools like NetFlow with active application and network monitoring. With the AppNeta Performance Manager, you’ll know what applications are being used (and by whom) across your organization, and you’ll have active monitoring against the business-critical ones at both the application and network layers. There are no other tools required.

3. Unique. AppNeta’s TruPath™ technology is unlike anything you’ve experienced before. With TruPath, you can get full performance data from across the application delivery path, whether you own it or not. That means you can monitor SaaS or cloud-hosted applications where you don’t control the network or the infrastructure serving the app. If you do own the app, you can get visibility in both directions. The most common reaction we get when we describe TruPath is “You can’t do that.” Well, you can, actually—we’ve got the patented technology and satisfied customers to prove it.  

4. Proactive. With AppNeta’s ability to monitor both the application and network layers, you’ll actually know about issues before your users do. That means fewer tickets and emails to answer.

5. Remote. AppNeta is the best tool for monitoring a large amount of remote locations. If you’re a business with 50 or more offices, you know that scaling IT across that number of locations is difficult. You don’t have the dollars to staff IT at every location, so you’re left to centrally manage IT, while the tools are fairly limited to get a picture of the end-user experience at those locations. With AppNeta, you’ll be able to understand, measure and monitor end-user experience across your entire organization without leaving your office. And with features like remote packet capture, AppNeta lets you troubleshoot the hairiest of IT issues without having to hop on a plane.

6. Continuous. AppNeta normally runs in a frequent but low-impact testing mode (via our TruPath technology), which means it will have close to zero impact on your network and applications while still providing continuous visibility. But when AppNeta detects an issue, it automatically starts gathering more data. When your team sees the alert, AppNeta already has additional context to get to the root cause of issues.

7. Easy. As a SaaS service, AppNeta is easy to deploy, manage and scale. That’s because there’s no hardware to manage or update. AppNeta Monitoring Points arrive pre-configured—just plug them in and you’re ready to go, with performance data flowing to the cloud-based AppNeta Performance Manager. AppNeta manages and updates both the Monitoring Points and the AppNeta Performance Manager so you don’t have to. AppNeta is also affordable (check out our transparent pricing here), costing a fraction of what you’d pay other vendors.

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