What’s Ahead in 2013: 10 IT Performance Management Predictions
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2013 is poised to be an exciting and innovative year for technical professionals across roles and functions, regardless of their organization size. From emerging Software-Defined Networks, to mobile, BYOD and the solidification of cloud computing and SOA architectures, there are many upcoming trends that should impact your performance monitoring strategy in 2013.

Are you ready to arm yourself with the information you need to face next year ahead of the game and build the right IT Performance Management strategy for your organization? Thenread our top 10 IT predictions list for 2013.

10) Cloud-based performance management tools will facilitate cross-departmental collaboration.

9) Intelligent performance monitoring will be the norm.

IT Performance Management Predictions 1

8) Cloud computing costs will continue to drop.

7) Complex multi-tier Serviced-Oriented Architectures (SOA) will rule.

6) Software-Defined Networks (SDN), while still in their infancy, will start to emerge.

Performance Management Predictions 2

5) Mobile is accelerating BYOD.

4) The pace of mobile adoption is rapidly increasing.

3) Web performance optimization will be vital for your business success.

2) Organizations will manage end user experience using both real user monitoring (RUM) and synthetic web transaction monitoring solutions.

1) It’s no longer your network.

Performance Management Predictions 3

If you stay aware of the trends coming in 2013 and are ready for the changing environment and the impact on your performance monitoring needs, you’re sure to have a happy New Year!

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