What $16 Million in Series C Funding Means to AppNeta
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AppNeta Series FundingI’m honored and excited to announce that AppNeta has raised $16 million in Series C funding led by Bain Capital Ventures, Egan-Managed Capital, JMI Equity and Business Development Bank of Canada. This investment will enable us to continue to pursue our vision of transforming IT performance management by bringing end-user experience monitoring and network insight to traditional application performance management. In sum, this round of funding will help us to further our APM 3.0 strategy.

So what does APM 3.0 mean? It means taking application performance management to the next level, where customers get end-to-end visibility with a level of insight and granularity they have never had before. It means having a SaaS-delivered service that saves money and hours of troubleshooting, providing access to critical data from anywhere to anywhere. And, it means that IT infrastructure and Dev Ops teams are no longer working in unproductive silos, but rather looking across their distributed networks and mission-critical applications to quickly pinpoint where problems are occurring and why.

APM 3.0 is the future of performance management, and our customers are on the forefront of this next big shift.

We are also pretty darn excited about the past year at AppNeta. Our triple-digit growth is a sign of the market demand for a next-generation performance management solution. In addition to revenue growth, we have built our internal team of employees by 115% and our customer base by 105%. Plus, we are providing services to customers in more than 72 countries!

We are excited to continue to lead the industry in the convergence of APM and NPM, as this is the next generation of performance management. This new round of funding will help to keep our mission moving forward, and I can’t wait to see where we can take the company and our APM 3.0 strategy in the coming year!

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