Monitor AWS Performance

Moving infrastructure to the cloud simplifies management, but increases physical and logical distance between applications and end users. Increased latency, round-trip time (RTT) and data loss can easily occur outside the WAN or behind the AWS firewall. AppNeta identifies and pinpoints the locations of performance issues in AWS, however you're using cloud services.

See every network hop into the AWS firewall with AppNeta monitoring

Hybrid cloud

Moving applications or parts of your infrastructure from a traditional data center to AWS increases flexibility and scalability, but reduces visibility and introduces the network as a performance dependency. AppNeta can monitor between your data center and AWS for consistent end-user experience.

SaaS apps

Enterprises are integrating SaaS application data and services into their own applications. It's crucial to have visibility into the performance of these integrated SaaS apps now that you are dependent on them. But that visibility is impossible to attain with traditional performance monitoring tools. AppNeta provides critical performance insight for companies using SaaS, both for their end users or for integration into their internal applications.

Cloud bursting

Scaling to meet traffic demands is essential for large applications today. AWS makes it easy to spin up or down hundreds or thousands of hosts, but users can't see into its software-defined network (SDN). With so many hosts created when bursting, that makes for a highly dynamic network. AppNeta sees into all networks, through every step of the app delivery path, for true visibility.

You can't see every network hop into AWS with performance monitoring

The large number of network hops within AWS aren't visible when you don't own your infrastructure.

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Get better performance data

AppNeta provides unique insight into your network, the wider internet and AWS with TruPath™ technology. Its patented analysis engine delivers granular detail on why applications are slowing down and where the bottlenecks are. For SaaS and cloud-deployed applications, AppNeta provides a unified view of the end-user experience across the actual application delivery path, even through AWS' SDN.

Go beyond device-centric or BGP metrics that fail within AWS infrastructure. Instead, AppNeta lets you see hop-by-hop where your traffic is going in real-time. Use Level 3 ICMP or Level 4 application-based TCP packets to analyze route changes or traffic shaping within AWS' firewall. AppNeta's deep diagnostic engine analyzes traffic to identify the root cause of application latency.

Real-time network capacity from New York Data Center into AWS US-West-2 Availability Zone

See route changes over time in AWS availability zones

Route changes over time between AWS Availability Zones

Identify regional performance differences

Supporting multiple offices, even remote ones without IT on site, has never been easier than with AppNeta. Target any AWS availability zone by looking at application usage from the closest office. Then automate a continuous low-overhead stream of packets to identify congestion along the application delivery path. See the network as your users do, from any source location or availability zone.

Cloud migration to AWS brings huge benefits, but also a critical loss of performance visibility. Regain that visibility with AppNeta.