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Experience your network the way your users do. Get comprehensive continuous monitoring for network health, app performance, and availability for any app, from anywhere.

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Only with AppNeta

Active + Passive Monitoring with a Single Solution

  • Continuous end-to-end measurement of network health, performance, and availability
  • Active monitoring with synthetic web transactions to identify SaaS and web application issues before they affect users

Flexible Deployment through Purpose-built Monitoring Points

  • Physical, virtual, software, container, and global monitoring deployment options offer complete coverage
  • Ease of deployment ensures broad monitoring coverage and adoption that evolves with your changing environment

Proven Scalability

  • Ability to monitor user experience across tens of thousands of locations and applications
  • High frequency testing and low overhead enables comprehensive visibility without impacting user experience

See where AppNeta goes above and beyond to provide flexibility and scale.

Hosting Options Cloud and On-Prem Cloud-only
Monitoring Point Deployment Physical, Virtual, Container Virtual, Container
WFH Deployment Solution Native OS Monitoring Point Agent and Browser Plugin
Active Network Testing
Active Web Synthetics
Passive Network Testing (eg. flow, packet capture)
Automatic escalation for the reduction of false positives
Hop-by-hop Diagnostic Granularity
Alerting, Notifications, and API
Raw data retention up to 1 year
Maximum Monitoring Speed 100 Gbps 1 Gbps
Highest Monitoring Frequency 15 Seconds 1 Minute
Monitoring Overhead 0.5% 5%
See every network and every hop that users traverse to access business-critical apps

Get Actionable Last-mile Visibility

Visibility into the application delivery paths that users take is more important than ever with WFH. Residential internet now has to contend with the expectations users have for business-grade connections. Identifying root cause requires active testing.

Proven success monitoring some of the world’s most complex and distributed networks.

AppNeta is Award Winning

AppNeta is the winner of the 2020 Customer Product of the Year Award
Most Innovative Tech Company of the Year - Up to 2,500 Employees
AppNeta has taken Silver in the Hot Technology & Solution of the Year | Information Technology Cloud/SaaS category of the Network Product Guide IT World Awards 2020
Achievement in Product Innovation
Cloud Computing Product of the Year | 2020

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