4-Dimensional Monitoring

Every dimension of monitoring from AppNeta includes intelligence layered on with either active or passive techniques to ensure the most comprehensive visibility into real network conditions is delivered. Sound too good to be true?

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Web synthetics to baseline app performance as it changes over time.

An active approach to measuring health and availability of the network.

Who, when, and what application traffic is on the network.

100% capture of the actual data from the packets on the network.


Better end-user experience:
Get last-mile performance visibility, so you can see exactly what your user is seeing.

Faster ROI and more productivity:
Make sure business-critical applications are performing for employees.

Cut downtime and costs:
See both application and network performance issues anywhere.

AppNeta Performance Manager sees every path over time to the business-critical apps you depend on

Identify every route for your top applications by office to monitor changes over time  

Network and Application Delivery Paths
An active approach to measuring health and availability of the network.

Today’s application delivery paths vary wildly between LAN-connected users to DIA connections from far flung remote offices. TruPath™, a patented core of AppNeta’s network technology, is able to quickly reverse engineer queues and exercise any given network path to its maximum possible level, doing so with an absolute minimum of data inserted into the path. Then, it dynamically learns how a given network path will perform from the application’s perspective.

Using packet dispersion technology, TruPath can build up a complete set of network statistics very quickly using special patterns that detect packet interference. TruPath was designed to run on production networks by maintaining very low overhead. It actively probes the specified network path and generates one or more packet timing distributions for that path achieving similar accuracy to flooding without the impact.

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Packet-level Visibility
100% capture of the actual data from the packets on the network.

AppNeta looks at packet-level data from two perspectives: both active and passive. The active methodology is TruPath, which forms, sends, and analyzes packet responses over the network. The passive packet collection and subsequent Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) analysis reveals what apps are currently in use on the network.

The passive approach involves real-time, 100% packet analysis with an AppNeta Monitoring Point to identify and discover what apps are currently running on the network. AppNeta automatically categorizes and classifies traffic to show IT percentages of their network capacity used up by recreational apps or business-critical ones. AppNeta then lets IT drill down into granular data on the experience of specific office locations, apps, and users. At the lowest level, retransmit rates are displayed alongside the contributions of network and application latency.

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Top applications and traffic volume per location

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Step-by-step web app performance for Office 365 Excel

Web Application Insight
Web synthetics to baseline app performance as it changes over time.

Good end-user experience is crucial for enterprise IT, even as enterprise networks undergo Digital Transformation. It’s no longer enough to keep networks and applications up and running—now IT has to make sure users aren’t dealing with continually slow or poorly performing apps, even (or especially) for apps that IT doesn’t control, ie. SaaS or cloud-hosted apps.

Synthetic transaction monitoring from Experience shows the performance trends of today’s SaaS and web applications and networks. It emulates the paths and actions that end users take as they experience an application. By running tests periodically AppNeta can alert IT when performance degrades. Without synthetics, the only way to know an issue has occurred is for that issue to actually impact a user. Synthetics provide the intelligence without the impact.

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Comprehensive Flow Data
Who, when, and what application traffic is on the network.

By analyzing flows through Usage, AppNeta can isolate specific conversations between source and destination. Combining flow data with packet data allows AppNeta to identify thousands of applications in use on the network and pinpoint that network usage to specific hosts–and users–on the network.

The flow data we deliver is enriched with automatic application discovery and identification to give teams an understanding of the tools that are using the most network capacity. The routers and switches that generate flows don’t normally enrich this data on their own application identification without extra licenses options; and even when they do, it’s at a material impact to the core performance of this hardware. With AppNeta, that overhead is only 1-2 percent because we compress flow data for the express purpose of saving space over the wire.

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Top applications in use categorized by location and type