Apparent Networks

AppCritical 4.1.1 Standalone Sequencer Download

A Standalone Sequencer will produce data that can only be interpreted by AppCritical. You should only download and execute a Standalone Sequencer if directed to do so by a trained support engineer.

A Standalone Sequencer is an executable that can be transferred to any machine in order to perform AppCritical tests. During a test it gathers data to help analyze the network path between two computers. It produces an XML file that can be uploaded to the AppCritical Application Server for analysis. For more information click here.

Choose a platform to download: * Note: Support for up to 100Mbps networks only on Windows 2008 and Windows 7


The Sequencer executables must be run with administrative rights.

  1. Copy the executable into a directory on the machine where your network test will shoot from. Unzip if necessary.
  2. From a command line run:
    sas <address_of_target_machine>
  3. Optional: When complete, the XML file(s) will be created in the "out" directory. Rename files to something meaningful, such as "Server3_to_Client.xml".
  4. Optional: Compress (zip or tar/gzip) the XML files.
  5. Email the files back to the support engineer for analysis.

Note: Whenever possible you should target computers, not routers. Also, the target computer must be able to respond to ping and traceroute.


To analyze the network between a server at address and a client at address, you would copy the executable onto the server and from a console on the server you would run:



Syntax example for Windows:
sas.exe [-t] target | [-r] range [-n iterations] [-b max burst size] [-h]
   -t   target name or address
   -r   range of addresses to be tested:
   -n   number of iterations (default 60)
   -b   maximum size of any bursts (default 10)
   -h   print this help screen and exit

  Apparent Networks
  T: 1.800.508.5233