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Make sure the network is fast and reliable, no matter what application it supports.

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PathView Features

Monitor Any Network Without Impacting Production

Monitor into hosted services, IaaS, PaaS and Web applications: PathView is built into the core of the IP stack, so if you can ping a target, you can see everything.

Correlate Application and Network Performance

Understand the network end-to-end by actively monitoring entire network paths. Get insight into even cloud providers’ networks by sending & receiving precisely timed network traffic, assessing performance in real time.

Find and Fix Problems Fast on Any Network

PathView was built to automatically run diagnostic tests when poor performance is detected to pinpoint the locations & cause of more than 80 network faults, even if they’re occurring on devices you don’t own or control.

PathView Pricing Plans


More than 20 locations? 10G network? Contact us or call (800) 508-5233 and we’ll customize pricing and a deployment for your environment.

Features Included

  • Continuous, lightweight monitoring
  • Alerting against application specific SLAs
  • Unlimited user accounts
  • Automatically detect QoS alterations
  • Wired and wireless performance monitoring
  • 365 day data retention
  • Automatically locate & diagnose network issues
  • 15 virtual network interfaces
  • Interactive & scheduled report delivery
  • Multiple alert profiles for business & non-business hours
  • Continuously measure VoIP & UC quality
  • Detailed alerts notifications

PathView is part of AppNeta's full stack SaaS solution, including AppView, FlowView, and TraceView.

Got Questions? We’ve got answers. Give us a call at (800) 508-5233

All plans are based on an annual subscription, payable either monthly or annually. Contact us if you require a different subscription term.

“AppNeta has accurate network metrics over long time periods for trending, baselining, and troubleshooting. It keeps our carrier honest.”

Ralph Buschner | IT Systems Analyst, PITO - Ministry of Health