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Guarantee Unified Communications Success

Is your converged network ready to handle the impact of real time, performance sensitive applications like VoIP and video conferencing? You need to be sure your network is ready prior to every application deployment and continuously monitor it for ongoing success.

Easy. Guaranteed.

PathView Voice and Video are the fastest and easiest ways to ensure the success of your Unified Communications rollouts. This complete solution gives you everything you need to quickly assess and continuously monitor your networks from an easy-to-access cloud-delivered service.

  • No Call Server or Handsets required - PathView Voice and Video send synthetic VoIP and Video calls between appliances, so you can test an entire deployment before the first handset or call server is installed.
  • Intelligent Diagnostics - When an issue is detected, PathView automatically runs diagnostic tests to identify the location and cause of the problem, even when the problem is on the WAN.
  • Cloud Deployment - PathView is a 100% cloud service designed to easily to scale to thousands of locations with no servers to manage.
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Advanced Deployments Welcome

PathView Voice and Video were developed together with industry-leading VoIP and Video Conferencing experts to ensure that you can accurately test UC quality using the same settings and architecture that will be used in production.

  • Codec Support - PathView Voice and Video support a wide range of UC codecs and signaling protocols so that you know what will work best over any network.
  • Advanced QoS - Video conferencing deployments often use multiple QoS settings for the voice, video and signaling portions of the conference; PathView Video gives you complete control over QoS to exactly match your environment.
  • Custom Settings per Connection - Easily customize the codecs used, call load and additional settings for each connection in a mesh environment.
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Intelligent Testing

PathView Voice and Video offer scalable assessment and ongoing monitoring capabilities. You can do a quick 5-minute troubleshooting session, or easily assess a 100-location network deployment.

  • Quick Test or Long Term Assessment - AppView Voice and Video run quick diagnostics tests as well as month-long, multi-location assessments.
  • Find the Tipping Point - Advanced ramp testing will dynamically scale up call volume to identify exactly when quality issues arise.
  • Intelligent Identification of problem areas - When problems are found, the PathView diagnostic expert system kicks in and the relevant findings are included in the summary.
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