Monitoring for applications my team builds

Monitoring for applications my team manages/uses


Monitor Applications, Not Just Traffic

With application aware network traffic analysis, know instantly how every application impacts every end user. Analyze network and application traffic with more granularity than traditional network traffic analysis tools.

Incredibly Intelligent Application Identification

Monitor application behavior, not just port and protocol traffic. FlowView uses protocol dissection, pattern matching, semantic and conversational awareness, and flow registration to go beyond flow records and actually identify applications and users.

  • Monitor applications in real-time with 5 minute granularity and compare with 90 days of historical data, regardless of network traffic volume.
  • Skip the configuration: the FlowView application library is automatically updated every few weeks with about 100 new applications added each update.
  • Get alerted when individual applications patterns change, or when whole classes of applications' usage changes.
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Incredibly Simple Deployment

Universal deployment means not having to change anything. Traditional network traffic monitoring requires multiple complex components working perfectly together before you get any insight into network usage: netflow-capable hardware, device re-configuration, 3rd party flow collection, and analysis software running on its own server and database. FlowView requires none of these things.

  • Deploy either on a network span or inline with microsecond fail-to-wire, so there is no single point of failure on networks with no span available.
  • You do not need IT staff to reconfigure devices or set up databases. Just plug in a wire or two and AppNeta will do the rest.
  • Spend more time looking at data. FlowView connects directly to AppNeta's SaaS backend, which means no servers to manage.
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Incredibly Secure, Incredibly Low Overhead

Make sure nothing happens to any network traffic. FlowView captures, analyzes, compresses, and encrypts all traffic data on a single box, reducing the network overhead and making it truly secure.

  • Never worry about transferring traffic records by encrypting the records right at the point of collection. By the time anything goes back out over the network, there’s nothing for prying eyes to see.
  • Only report on what you need, and eliminate double-shipping flow records around before analyzing or compressing them. FlowView compresses records right at the point of collection, freeing up extra bandwidth for, well, actual applications.
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