Monitoring from the comfort of your inbox

by Dan Kuebrich on November 8, 2013


When users install TraceView, they often report an experience like turning the lights on in a long-dark basement: Why is the login endpoint so slow for paid users? My reporting endpoints make how many hundreds of queries? What is that abandoned Nordic Track doing in the corner?

As their performance improves over time, things start to fall into more of a steady state. So we wanted to help our customers stay on top of performance without having to log in and explore their data: enter the weekly report.


TraceView’s weekly report emails, available starting today via the email preferences page, help keep you abreast of performance trends in your apps without even leaving your inbox.

The emails illustrate changes in latency, error rate, and request volume across your top apps, as well as highlighting interesting/slow traces we’ve observed.

performance report email deltas

What’s next in weekly reports?

Soon we’ll be launching the ability to customize and deliver multiple weekly reports covering different sets of applications. After that, it’s about making the reports smarter and more actionable. Got a suggestion? We’d love to hear it, or if you’re not already installed, install TraceView for free, today!


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