python-traceview: A Library for the TraceView API

Not too long ago, we introduced the TraceView Data API, which exposes high level metrics and performance data related to your TraceView account via a RESTful API. For the unfamiliar, this means you can access server latency timeseries, application error rates, and even browsers used by end users. In an effort to make accessing the […]



Announcing Auto-RUM for Apache, nginx

Real User Monitoring extends TraceView’s performance purview from the application’s backend performance to full browser pageloads.  This provides a more complete view of end-user experience. Until now, this was done by adding small script tags to the beginning and end of your templates.  Today, we’re releasing Apache and nginx instrumentation which will automate this process, […]


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Hey Tracing Guy!

Supporting a product like TraceVIew means that among other things I get to play with a broad cross section of web stacks, poke around in interesting and unusual server configurations, and field a wide array of questions. “What exactly do you mean by a trace?” (This). “Why can I install a TraceView Apache module but […]



From Boston to Austin: DrupalCon 2014

Another year means another Drupalcon for AppNeta! We had a great experience in Portland last year and we’re looking forward to our week in Austin. This time around we’ve got four AppNetians attending: myself (James), Kristin, Rob, and Dan. Just like last year, we’ll be giving live demos of our products with a focus on […]



The REAL Reason Airplane Wifi is Slow

Depending on your travel agenda, a cross-country flight can be an opportunity to work offline without the usual real-time distractions or catch up on the latest episode of Silicon Valley. With in-flight wireless like Gogo becoming widely available, you may be tempted to keep in touch with colleagues from 35,000 feet, or post to facebook […]



Create your own Identity: Introducing the AppNeta Identity Manager (AIM)

Today we are really pleased to announce the launch of the AppNeta Identity Manager, the unified user and account management system which is the foundation of the AppNeta Performance Management services. Control Freaks Rejoice As a great movie superhero once said “With great power comes great responsibility” (apparently different phrasing was used in the comic […]



Now Monitoring: Adobe Experience Manager (CQ5)

CQ5 (now Adobe Experience Manager) is a web content management system (WCMS) originally developed by Swiss company Day Software. Day was later acquired by Adobe, and its core product became Adobe’s primary WCMS offering. CQ5 helps companies to build, manage and deliver their digital contents across different channels at scale, especially when there’s a large […]



AppNeta Security Update: Heartbleed

This week, a vulnerability in OpenSSL named “Heartbleed” was disclosed. This post is an update documenting our internal investigation of possible customer exposure and the steps we’ve taken to ensure that customer data is secure and private.



Snakes on a Road Trip: PyCon 2014!

PyCon is always a hotly anticipated event, and this year I’m quite excited to be headed up to Montreal with my coworkers Kristin, Ari, and Dan. Better yet, this is the first conference that we’re attending via road trip! I’ve done the same journey by train before, and we’ll have some nice scenery to look […]



Getting Started with .NET Framework Profiling

Usually when developers talk about profiling, they mean running code they wrote in some sort of development environment to get better understanding of its performance. That’s the valid use case, but what happens when code is released in the wild? Your customers will run it in configurations you wouldn’t imagine, the data can be differently […]