Free Monitoring on Heroku — TraceView Add-on GA!

by Dan Kuebrich on February 20, 2014


Over the past few months we’ve been refining the TraceView add-on for Ruby apps on Heroku and this week we’ve gone general availability.  This brings AppNeta’s full-stack monitoring to Heroku for the first time.  Thanks to everybody who participated in our beta, we appreciate your support and feedback!

Read on to learn more about what we’ve been working on and why you should sign up for our free plan today.

Amazing Detail on MongoDB, Redis (oh, and ActiveRecord)

Yikes, hope your hit rate is better than that!

Yikes, hope your hit rate is better than that!

No matter what datastore you’re using, TraceView provides detailed performance breakdowns covering individual operations, collections/tables, keys, and how they’re being used by the application.  Find inefficient controllers and models in seconds:

Detailed Template Rendering Breakdowns

heroku monitoring

Which pages are slow, and what parts of them?  By breaking down performance along ActionView templates and template partials, TraceView can help you figure out what your expensive views are and where the low-hanging fruit for optimization is.

Actionable End-User Experience Monitoring

heroku monitoring

Know when you need to optimize by observing performance not only from your dynos’ perspective, but from actual end-user pageload times.  TraceView has two baked-in approaches: real-user monitoring, using Google Analytics-style Javascript beacons, and free AppView synthetic monitoring.


The best end-user experience monitoring

How to combine JS beacons and synthetic monitoring in your app. Learn more