Case Studies


Moore-Wilson: Efficient Digital Agency DevOps With AppNeta

Moore-Wilson is a British design and development agency, purveyors of “bespoke technology solutions”. In other words, they’re in charge of the full web app experience, from design and development to lifecycle maintenance. Their projects are mostly PHP-based, often using Drupal as a CMS base. High-profile clients include British National Air Traffic Services, which runs UK […]

Headnet Improves Drupal Performance and Reliability With TraceView

Headnet is a web consultancy firm based in Copenhagen, Demark. Headnet develops and hosts web applications, mainly for government clients, as well as private organizations and NGOs. The company utilizes a broad range of technologies to create custom sites, from CMS-based sites with Drupal and Plone to custom applications in Java and Python. As a one-stop […]

SeatGeek Monitors App Performance with TraceView

The blog below was originally posted to the SeatGeek blog in November 2011. Today, SeatGeek still uses TraceView to improve the performance of its web applications. Eric Waller – Application Performance Management Guest Blogger We’ve had great success at SeatGeek moving more and more of our software into independent services. Clear service boundaries have allowed us to improve our code quality, increase programmer […]

How Updated Firmware Makes a Difference

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure seems to be popping up everywhere these days. I remember the days when RDP was used solely to save time from having to go down to the server room. Now it’s blossomed into a multibillion dollar industry with real businesses relying on it. Microsoft, VMware and Citrix, among others, are trying to […]

Case Study: OurStage Takes Control of Web App Performance with TraceView

OurStage is a leading destination for music listening, discovery and editorial content. With more than 125,000 artists covering 40 genres of music, receives more than 4 million visits each month from 170 countries. For OurStage, it is very import that its social web application will quickly deliver music and content to every incoming web request. OurStage […]

What End User Experience Looked Like During the Presidential Election

I think it’s safe to say that everyone knows what happened yesterday – the U.S. Presidential Election. And while we were interested to see who would be named the winner, we were also interested in seeing how the election would affect end user experience of certain popular websites:;;; and Our […]

This week’s Amazon outage: Alerting to catch infrastructure problems

You don’t have to be a pre-cog to find and deal with infrastructure and application problems; you just need good monitoring.  We had quite a day Monday during the EC2 EBS availability incident.  Thanks to some early alerts—which started coming in about 2.5 hours before AWS started reporting problems—our ops team was able to intervene and […]

GoGrid West Coast Goes Down – AppNeta is There

At 2PM EST yesterday (Tuesday, October 16th), I noticed something was a bit off with our virtual network performance management appliance hosted at GoGrid in California’s Bay Area.  I say “a bit off,” as in the appliance appeared completely offline. I tried logging into their management portal to no avail.  By looking at network paths monitored to […]

How was yesterday’s Olympics video content streaming on your WAN?

We averaged 3Mbps throughout the day from YouTube, for a total of 14GB. It would have maxed out our 3Mbps bonded T1 service at the old office, but our Comcast business connection held up well, even as traffic peaked at over 12Mbps in the early morning hours. vs.The Network Guy

The last thing any IT guy wants to hear from a group of sales reps is “Salesforce is down!  There’s something wrong with Salesforce!!!” Unfortunately, yours truly was in that position on Monday.The AppNeta sales team is an inside team based outside of Boston, Massachusetts.  On Halloween, at roughly 4pm EST, I heard the groans from the […]