Announcing Auto-RUM for Apache, nginx

by Dan Kuebrich on June 17, 2014


Real User Monitoring extends TraceView’s performance purview from the application’s backend performance to full browser pageloads.  This provides a more complete view of end-user experience.

Until now, this was done by adding small script tags to the beginning and end of your templates.  Today, we’re releasing Apache and nginx instrumentation which will automate this process, meaning no code modification is required.

How It Works

To enable RUM:

  1. Update your Apache or nginx instrumentation
  2. Head to the new Real User Monitoring settings page and enable it for the app(s) in question
  3. Profit! (from easy and maintainable RUM data)


If you’ve previously added our RUM JS to your templates, you’ll want to remove it as well.  However, using both the manual JS and auto-RUM at the same time will not cause any problems for your application.


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